Working With Non Professionals

Posted by on Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 in Types of Photography

I have said before, I like to work with professional models and given some reasons why that is. However, I like working with non-professional models just as much, but for different reasons.


I know it is plastered all over my site, and you may even be getting tired of me saying it, but, “you can’t take the shot if you don’t have the camera”, so I am (almost) ALWAYS carrying one of my cameras. I never leave them in the car because … yes you already know what I am going to say …. YCTTSIYDHTC ….

As you can imagine, sitting down at the bar of my favorite restaurant, and putting a very large professional camera with and even bigger lens down in front of me (and then having to move it around when someone sits next to me, or having to move it when my side salad and steamed broccoli arrives, it is very noticeable. Invariably someone will strike up a conversation. Usually it starts with “are you a photographer?”, or something to that nature. I always enjoy talking to people and so we just start chatting. If the person, male or female, seems photogenic, I usually ask the cheesiest of questions. And it goes something like this …. are you ready for real and I do mean REAL cheese ….. “have you ever done any modeling before”. Yes of course it is silly but you would be surprised to find out that 90% of the photogenic people I meet are a model who is taking a break or has in the past been a model….. Okay, I may be creative but that doesn’t mean I am necessarily funny.


The point here is that some people I run into should be a model or are just so photogenic it is unreal. Please understand that photogenic, to me, doesn’t mean super model, it only means someone that is just naturally comfortable with themselves. That comfort, that is photogenic. I have had several who have been receptive to posing for a photo shoot. They are not like the professional model, they need lots of direction and coaching, only because they are not professional and haven’t done much of this kind of thing before. It is that challenge, the fact that I am getting someone out of their comfort zone but making the be relaxed enough to seem like they are comfortable. That is fun, a lot of work that is piled on top of all of them labor it takes to actually do a photo shoot.


I find joy in the smallest things, the smallest events and the smallest objects.

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