Working With Non Professionals

Man Sitting Outside

I have said before, I like to work with professional models and given some reasons why that is. However, I like working with non-professional models just as much, but for different reasons.   I know it is plastered all over m...

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Developing a Concept for a Shoot

Bar Draft Taps

Developing a concept for a shoot is a multi level activity. First, you have to come up with the basic idea, the raw concept. This is usually the bare bones of an idea and not at all fully developed. For me, I frequently carry thes...

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Working with Professional Models

Capture Laura's Eyes

Sometimes, for one reason or another, I get to do a portrait style shoot where the subject is a professional model. These are usually to spotlight something in particular or to work on lighting technique or … These shoots ar...

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I am an artist by nature and have always been fascinated by photography and the ability to capture a scene, or a moment in time, with a camera.

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